Great Southern Itineraries

Download the Great Southern Treasures Tour Guide Map

Some suggested drives to help you explore the Great Southern Treasures.

Our full drive trail is just over 800km long and connects most of the towns you find on this site. Enjoy the whole trail, or come back time and again, and linger in the Great Southern Treasures. Along the trail you will be entertained and delighted by the changing landscape, friendly faces and unique experiences.


Wildflower season gives an abundance of colour and a spectacular display as they come into bloom. We have put together an amazing wildflower itinerary to make the most of your time in the Great Southern

Food & Wine Adventure

The Great Southern is rich with amazing food and wine options. If you like to plan a road trip based on the local produce, we have put together the perfect Foodie Adventure.

Mountains & Hiking

For the more adventurous, bushwalking and hiking in the Great Southern is not to be missed. Explore the Great Southern on foot.

Art & Culture

Don’t miss out on some art and culture while exploring the Great Southern. Our Art & Culture itinerary takes on all the must see galleries and historical sites.

Family Fun

A family road trip needs to satisfy the entire family. Our Family Fun itinerary includes the highlights of our region for both the young – and the not so young!