You are spoilt for choice in the Great Southern Treasures region. Whether you love exploring historical buildings, climbing mountains, searching for wildflowers or stopping at wineries, there’s all that and more right here. Explore some of our most iconic attractions below.

Kodja Place, Kojonup

The Kodja Place is home to a multifaceted display of artefacts, stories, interactive displays, exhibits, pictures and entertaining hands-on devices adjacent to a spectacular Rose Maze. Within the maze, trace the stories of Yoondi, Elizabeth and Maria to discover 100 years of Noongar, English and Italian experiences; within the Kodj Gallery, trace the journey from...

Bluff Knoll

Bluff Knoll is the third highest and one of the most spectacular peaks in Western Australia, reaching 1095m above sea level. The trail features birdlife, reptiles, exceptional scenery and views of the Stirling Ranges and geological formations. And, thanks to its unique climate, over 1000 species of wildflowers and flowering plants thrive within the park...


Public Silo Trail This cultural tourism trail connects a series of regional towns by a common thread of art on an epic scale, while a social documentary project will catalogue the lives of regional Australians in film and story. Grain silos, transformer boxes and all sorts of unexpected infrastructure are the canvas for national and international artists throughout...


The Great Southern region is known for its fine, cool climate wines. Riesling and Shiraz are the cornerstones of an environment that produces a wide range of distinctive wines from classic and emerging varietals. Wineries in Frankland River Cool nights and warm days provide a true Mediterranean climate in Frankland River. Although inland, a moderating sea...


The abundance and diversity of flora in the Great Southern is truly unique, due largely to our isolation, evolution and age. South-west WA has been named one of the world’s 34 global diversity hotspots. There are 8000 species across the region (in contrast, the UK has only 1500 plant species), half of which are found...

National Parks

The brooding beauty of the mountain landscape, its stunning and diverse wildflowers and the challenge of climbing Bluff Knoll have long drawn bushwalkers and climbers to the Stirling Range National Park. Stirling Range National Park encloses the only major mountain range with in the southern half of Western Australia.

Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre

This award-winning centre for community, culture and conservation focuses on the mallee and one of its most intriguing inhabitants: the endangered malleefowl. Visitors have the rare opportunity to view this magnificent bird in a 1,200m2 natural habitat aviary.

The Horsepower Highway

Restored tractors placed along the highway, each with their own name and story by the community groups that fund and create them.