Wildflowers & Birds Bus Tour

Wildflowers & Birds Tour hosted by the Gillamii Centre.

Enjoy this 4 day bus or self drive tour. You can select one to four of the days and you are welcome to join on the bus or bring your own car.


Day 1 – 29 Sept 10am-4pm Twitches

Day 2 – 30 Sept 10am-4pm Cranbrook & Tenterden orchids & wildflowers

Day 3 – 1 Oct Rest day

Day 4 – 2 Oct 1pm-6pm Frankland river orchids & wildflowers

Location: Departs from Caravan park, Mason St, Cranbrook WA 6321, Australia

Cost: $25 per person, per day (except Day 3 which is FREE)

For more information on what you do each day or to book tickets click here

Any questions please contact Freya Spencer on 9826 1234 or admin@gillamii.org.au