Bloom Event Holder Terms and Conditions


Inclusion in the 2023 program will be at the discretion of the Great Southern Treasures (the organisers) to ensure a high level of standard is maintained and a fair and diverse representation is achieved. 

Each Event Holder is responsible for the costs associated with hosting an event. 

Each Event Holder is responsible for coordinating and planning their respective event. 


Booking for paid events will be through the event’s booking portal. Each Event Holder will have access to the site link to include on their own website. The event managers will work with each paid event to educate and manage the bookings process. 

Each event will be posted on the Bloom Festival page of the Great Southern Treasures website with ticketing information. 


From August 2023, the Great Southern Treasures website will be updated with all relevant information and will be monitored and edited regularly to ensure all information is true.  



Festival – refers to the Bloom Festival to be held September to October 2023. 

Event – refers to a specific function organised by the Event Holder and included in the program. 

Event Holder – refers to the person, business or organisation that is putting on an event. 

For its part, Bloom Festival undertakes to: 

  • Publish the details of the Event Holders event in the Festival program 
  • Publish the details of the Event Holders event on the website 
  • Promote the Festival to media and other stakeholders within intrastate and interstate markets 
  • Provide (non-cash) support, advice and guidance to event holders 
  • Provide collaborative support to the Event as mutually agreed 

    For its part, the Event Holder undertakes to: 

    • Solely manage and also co-promote its individual Event or as arranged with the Event Managers. 
    • Take on all activities and procedures required to ensure the event is staged as agreed and published. 
    • Not withdraw their already promoted event without proper consultation with the organisers as well as due diligence being carried out. It is beholden on the Event Holder to make all efforts to ensure the event is held.
    • Ensure that they have a manageable plan in place their event.
    • Demonstrate to the Event Managers that they have the appropriate insurances and licenses needed for their Event including (but not limited to) public liability and responsible service of alcohol. 
    • Ensure all events are drug and smoke free and have an emphasis on responsible alcohol consumption. 
    • Display all signage supplied for the duration of the Festival. Signage must be returned at the end of the Festival. 
    • Collect required attendee data and give back to the event managers within a 5 business days of your event finishing.  
    • Ensure that the Festival survey is distributed to all attendees at the time of the event, collected and returned to Event Managers if required.
    • Ensure they have an appropriate Risk Management Plan in place needed for their event.
    • Ensure they have an appropriate Emergency and Evacuation Plan in place needed for their event.
    • Ensure they have emergency contact numbers in visible sight where required.
    • Ensure you have an Incident Report Form on site at all events. (If you do not have an Incident Report Form, the Event Managers can provide a template)
    • Be able to provide scheduled equipment maintenance records if required, for any major equipment and events that pose any possible risk of injuring another person.
    • Ensure you have the correct procedures for handling and storage of chemicals.
    • Ensure appropriate first aid kit(s) are onsite and readily accessible at their event.
    • Ensure you have evidence of adherence to regulation pertaining to cleanliness and hygiene including food hygiene, if applicable.
    • Ensure that all online and printed material produced for the Event include the Bloom logo, major sponsors and a reference to the Festival. 
    • Circulate the PDF or print versions of the Festival brochure to your membership database. 



        At the organisers discretion, any breach of this Policy may result in immediate exclusion from the program.  

        As an Event Holder, you will: 

        • Act in a professional manner and be polite at all times 
        • Deal with enquiries promptly or explain the reason for any delay. 
        • Keep any promises made. 
        • Be open and honest and explain any decisions. 
        • Be apologetic if there is a mistake and ensure things are put right. 
        • Show everyone respect. 
        • Keep to the agreed timescales. 

          As an Event Holder, you aim to: 

          • Answer all phone calls. 
          • Return any calls within 1 working day. 
          • Reply to letters within 5 working days. More complicated issues will receive an acknowledgement within the response time and updates on progress until a resolution can be achieved. 
          • Acknowledge emails within 2 days and respond fully within 5 working days. More complicated issues will receive an acknowledgement within the response time and updates on progress until a resolution can be achieved. 
          • Resolve any queries at the first point of contact where possible. 
          • Communicate in plain language. 
          • Give up-to-date, accurate and timely information. 

              The Event Managers request that the Event Holders: 

              • Provide Event Manager the information needed to help in any case. 
              • Treat any person involved in the Festival with respect and be polite at all times. 
              • Provides suggestions to help improve the Festival. 



              At the organisers’ discretion, any breach of this Policy may result in immediate exclusion from the program.  

              Handling Complaints  

              All complaints should be referred to the Event Manager or handled in the following way: 

              Visitor Complaints 

              On receiving a visitor Complaint: 

              • Listen carefully to the complaint. 
              • Provide the visitor with a ‘Visitor Feedback Form’ for them to complete to ensure the complaint can be followed up. 
              • Explain that the ‘Visitor Feedback Form’ will be passed onto the Event Manager immediately for appropriate action and the visitor will be contacted in the near future. 
              • Be professional, polite and courteous and thank the customer for completing the form. 

                Event Managers Visitor Complaint Procedure: 

                On receiving a visitor complaint, Events Managers will communicate to the Event Participant concerned with a copy of the complaint and request the Event Participant to respond with any appropriate action taken to address the issue. If Event Manager receives three complaints for a particular Event Participant of similar nature and the Event Participant takes no reasonable steps to address the issue, Event Manager will suspend their benefits (including participation) until appropriate action has been taken.  

                Event Participant Complaints: 

                All Event Participant complaints will be handled by the Event Managers. If for any reason the Event Managers are unavailable, the Event Participants contact phone number will be noted and explain that the Event Managers will contact the Event Participant to discuss further. 



                At Event Managers’ discretion, any breach of this Policy may result in immediate exclusion from the program. 

                Event Managers and the Event Participant ensure that its customers receive the best possible service at all times. 

                Event Managers and the Event Participant understand that, in our role within the Events Industry, our responsibility is to set the highest example of good, honest business ethics. 

                Event Managers and the Event Participant will maintain the standard for the industry. 

                Event Managers and the Event Participant are committed to the principles of continuous improvement of the standard of services that are offered. Event Managers has established and maintained a high reputation in the industry with these services and request that the Event Participant upheld theses at all Events. 

                Event Managers and the Event Participant must be aware of its duty of care and responsibilities to all of its customers. With this in mind the Event Participant must always be mindful of potential risks and hazards. 

                Management and Staff of the Event should be made aware of their responsibilities and commitment to Event Managers, the Event Participant and Bloom Festival to not only complete their daily tasks safely but also to be watchful for any problems which may arise. 

                In the event of an accident or incident the details will be reported and recorded to the Event Mangers, with a view to preventing recurrence. 


                APPENDIX F – HYGIENE POLICY  

                The following policy is to be communicated as follows: 

                • To all contractors, service providers and volunteer at events. 
                • To the community and public through the ticketing platform, EDM transmissions, social media posts as required. 

                Event Managers are committed to protecting staff, contractor and service companies, volunteers and the community throughout their event program. 

                All visitors should observe government policy when visiting any event. Please refer to: 


                1. Communications 

                Signage on site will reflect current advice and health regulations. 

                Hygiene Officers will help ensure staff and venues remain compliant with COVID-19restrictions and hygiene standards. By having a more detailed understanding of the following training modules contained in the AHA COVID-19 Hospitality & Tourism Hygiene Course, Hygiene Officers will ensure best practice is adhered to so that patrons and staff remain safe. 

                2. Staff working at events are preferred to complete qualifications for AHA Hospitality &Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course. 

                Workers in the hospitality and tourism industry have a role in supporting safe and healthy venues and practices. The AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course has been backed by the Western Australian Government and is designed to provide hygiene awareness and procedures. 

                • Understanding COVID-19 and the WA Hospitality & Tourism Industry. 
                • Reporting of personal health issues. 
                • Maintaining personal and work environment hygiene practices. 
                • Contactless procedures and reducing cross contamination. 
                • Effective cleaning and sanitising practices.

                3. Exhibitors and Participants 

                All exhibitors and event participants will be advised of the following regulations as part of their participation: 

                • If they feel unwell or have a fever, they are not to attend 
                • They should bring with them their own hygiene needs including sanitiser and bench wipes or spray. 
                • They should use sanitiser at least every thirty minutes while working 

                4. Public Admission 

                All admissions to be by pre-registration where possible.  

                If anyone does attend who has not registered–they will need to complete a registration form which will include at least the same details as required by pre-registered attendees: 

                • Name 
                • Email 
                • Postcode 

                5. Physical Distancing 

                The event is to comply with government physical distancing regulations at the time of the event.  

                Attendees will be encouraged to take advantage of the space available in the venue in a practical manner to alleviate any congestion. 

                6. Numbers Attending 

                Numbers inside the venue at any one time will comply with government event venue regulations. 

                7. Hand Washing and Sanitising 

                The organisers will supply stations for patrons at a minimum one per 250 people with the following: 

                • Hand Washing
                • Hand Sanitiser 
                • Potable Water for drinking 

                  The organisers will also provide hand sanitiser for each stand for public use. 

                   8. Attendee On-Site Actions 

                  • Cover coughs and sneezes using a flexed elbow. 
                  • Wash hands often. 
                  • It is encouraged for visitors to carry their own anti-viral / anti-bacterial hand wash solution. 
                  • If already at the event and they feel unwell or have flu like symptoms, report to the first aid station or advise organisers of your details before going home. 

                  9. Safety & Monitoring 

                  Events will be monitored closely by event staff, however should a Safety Marshall be required, they must comply with the below duties: 

                  • Police Clearance within the last 12 months 
                  • Wear Hi Vis to be easily recognisable 
                  • Must not be simultaneously performing another role at the event 

                  Duties of the Safety Marshall include but are not limited to the below: 

                  • Promote and ensure infection control practices are followed 
                  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure safe physical distancing is adhered to 
                  • Ensure all Covid Safe and Covid Management Plans are implemented and followed 
                  • Ensure sufficient hand washing facilities are provided and cleaning regimes are followed.
                  • Be present, supervising the event space 


                  10. Resources 

                  AHA Hygiene courses: https://hospitalityhygiene.com/ 

                  Sanitising products: https://www.westchem.com.au/ 

                  Health Regulations: https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/ 

                  Covid-19 Updates: https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/Articles/A_E/Coronavirus 

                  Event Registration: https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/en/Articles/A_E/Events-registration 

                  Covid-19 Test Clinics: https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/A_E/COVID-clinics 

                  Phone: 12 268 43 

                  Environmental Cleaning: 


                  World Health Organisation: 




                  Unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Organisers including but not limited to change of government event regulations, a state of emergency, public health emergency, pandemic, epidemic or outbreak concerns whether declared officially by government or not may require the organisers to; 

                  • change the dates or venue of an event 
                  • shorten the event 
                  • change the structure of event 
                  • cancel the event  

                  For event cancellation or postponement, consumers may be offered an alternate ticket of equal or greater value, or a refund excluding booking fee. Refunds can take up to 30 days.  

                  Should the already opened event be interrupted by force majeure the Organisers will not consider themselves responsible for the return of the ticket cost or part thereof. 

                  Event Organisers, managers, partners and/or sponsors are not liable for any cost incurred due to event cancellation. 

                  To allow for any required mass ticketing refunds, all pre purchased ticketing funds will remain in trust until 30 days prior to the event start date after which 50% may be transferred, with the remainder transferred post event.