Bluff Knoll Hiking Experience

Hosted by Off The Beaten Track.

Bluff Knoll (Bular Mial) is the highest peak in the South West, standing proud and tall at 1099m above sea level. The 3km hike to the summit is challenging but incredibly rewarding!

Experience the mystery and intrigue of Bluff Knoll. Hike on the walking trails to the summit taking in the expansive views of the Stirling Range as you go. This hiking trail is steep in parts and there are lots of steps to conquer. This experience will however, have you feeling empowered and on top of the world as you reach the summit.

Enjoy a delicious morning tea with local sweet treats from Mt Barker Bakery. Be enveloped by the magic of the Stirling Range National Park.

Koi Kyenunu-ruff, means ‘mist moving around the mountains’ – a frequently seen occurrence in the Stirling Range. If you’re lucky, you will be able to witness this event first hand at the summit.

Tick Bluff Knoll off that ‘bucket list’, and join us as we go ‘off the beaten track’! Hike to the top of not just the highest peak of the Stirling Ranges but also in Australia’s South West!

Off The Beaten Track WA provides a trained and experienced Guide for our Hiking Experiences & Adventure Tours.

We are a fully licensed, insured and accredited Western Australian tourism business. To ensure our safety, we carry two-way communication devices. Additionally, we carry a personal location beacon when phone signal is not available.

Experience Includes:

6km guided hike
Morning tea
National Park pass
Access to all OTBT photographs

Experience Includes: Guided hike, morning tea & national park pass.

Date:  7 and 8 October

Time: 8:00am start for half day tour

Location: Bluff Knoll Car Park, Stirling Range

Cost: from $79 for kids and $99 for adults

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For more information please contact Off The Beaten Track WA, Tracy Lindsey, [email protected] or 0417128896