Bremer Bay


The town of Bremer Bay (population approx. 571 based on 2011 census) is growing fast both in terms of development and tourism. The unspoilt coastline offers numerous recreational pursuits from fishing, beach combing and walking on some of the finest beach sand in the southern hemisphere, whale watching, and plenty of swimming in the magnificent turquoise waters of the various bays and beaches.

Facilities available in Bremer Bay include a primary school, resource centre, pharmacy, and a health centre with a resident nurse and doctor available two days each week. The sports minded individual is well catered for with a skate park, sports club and golf course, and visitors can find somewhere to stay with two caravan parks and a resort with hotel and accommodation. Local businesses include a general store, roadhouse, hardware store, dive & sports store, and fish processors.

The Bremer Bay Town Centre development will facilitate the provision of essential services required by a rapidly growing town with so much to offer from its splendid panorama and diversity of natural wonders. The town centre includes a new Civic Square and Skate Park.

Home to the famous Bremer Canyon, a rich feeding ground located off the continental shelf which is home to a visiting population of Orcas during the summer months. Tours depart daily from Fisheries Beach Marina during this time, allowing visitors the opportunity to these stunning ocean predators up close and personal.

Pop into the Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre/Visitor Centre for all the information you’ll need. 7 Mary Street, Bremer Bay or call 9835 1022.


Bremer Bay Attractions

Skate Park

The new skate park and civic square are located on Seadragon Avenue (on the corner of Yandil Street) in Bremer Bay. There are public facilities including BBQ’s, picnic tables, grass areas and toilets available for use as well as a nature playground for all ages.

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Whale Watching

January to April brings Orcas and an abundance of spectacular marine life to the Bremer Bay Canyon, located 30miles offshore from Bremer Bay. Tours are run daily through Naturaliste Charters and Whale Watch WA.

From July to October each year Southern Right whales can be seen calving in the calm waters of the many sheltered bays around the area and at times are as close as only six meters away. A whale watching platform is situated at Point Ann in the Fitzgerald National Park which is the perfect spot for catching a glimpse of the whales.

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Fisheries Beach Marina

Opened in March 1997 by Minister for Transport Eric Charlton and used by the professional fishing industry, the Marina also offers excellent facilities for recreational boat launching, with two concrete ramps, ample parking and easy access. The natural bay is ideal for sheltered

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Quaalup Homestead and Museum

Situated approximately 45kms from Bremer Bay in the Fitzgerald River National Park, the Quaalup homestead was built in 1858 and is open to the public, with guided tours and easy access to the Gairdner River. Accommodation is available with caravan and camping facilities.

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Wellstead Museum

Situated 3kms south of Bremer Bay is the original settlement in the region. Built in 1850 of local stone and burnt lime, the museum includes viewing of homestead outbuildings, artefacts and antiques. Guided tours are available. When your viewing is done, relax with lunch or coffee and cake at the café.

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The Old Telegraph Station

Bremer Bay came into existence when it was chosen as one of the Telegraph Station sites of the Overland Telegraph. The first Station was built in 1875 and opened for telegraphic traffic on the 8th May 1876. The original building burnt down and was replaced with the existing stone structure in 1896. In 2019 the Old Telegraph Station was completely renovated by a local family and is now a cafe and coffee shop with a focus on using fresh local produce and home baked goods!

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Numerous beaches such as Little Boat Harbour, Blossoms Beach, Short Beach as well as Fishery Beach at the Marina are excellent swimming spots. John Cove is the main swimming only area, where classes are held in summer. The endless stretch of striking white sand and the wide expanse of crystal blue water make all water sports memorable.

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Bremer Canyon

The Bremer Canyon is an amazing deep-water ecosystem that has proven to be one of the few locations on our planet where off shore killer whales can be reliably encountered throughout the Australian summer months.

Between 2005 & 2013, Dave Riggs and his team participated in a number of oceanic surveys looking at a variety of species including the abundance of Bluefin Tuna off the coast of southern Western Australia.

In a small geographical location some 50km from shore and several nautical miles over the edge of the continental shelf adjacent to Bremer Bay, they consistently observed large aggregations of the oceans most revered apex predators. These include Orca, sperm whales, giant squid, numerous species of shark and perhaps most significantly, beaked whales. A wide range of oceanic bird species are also prevalent at the Bremer Canyon, adding to the diversity of this marine hotspot.

The first dedicated expedition took place in February 2013, when the production of a documentary for ABC TV titled “The Search for The Oceans Super Predator” was filmed.

A subsequent film was produced in 2015 for the Discovery Channel. Since 2014, charters have been running to take expeditioners to see the Bremer Canyon, and every time they venture out something new is learnt which could not be done without the support of the general public. By going on an expedition, you are allowing scientists to continue documenting and researching this amazing ecosystem.

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