The name Ongerup is derived from ‘Yonga’ the Noongar word meaning male kangaroo and ‘up,’ meaning ‘place of’. Ongerup began to be settled in 1910 when the land was opened up to farming and surveyed into 1,000-acre blocks. In 1913 the Gnowangerup-Ongerup railway line was opened, connecting the fledgling community to Perth and settlement in the area gradually increased.

Ongerup Attractions

Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre

This award-winning centre for community, culture and conservation focuses on the conservation of the mallee and one of its most intriguing inhabitants: the endangered malleefowl. Visitors have the rare opportunity to view this magnificent bird in a 1,200m2natural habitat aviary. Malleefowl are the only mound-building birds that inhabit arid and semi-arid areas. They incubate their eggs not by sitting on them but by building an incubator mound of soil and leaf litter. In days gone by, Malleefowl were a common sight in the Shire of Gnowangerup (Noongar for ‘place of Malleefowl’) and throughout the Wheatbelt. Due to loss of habitat and the introduction of feral predators, this mysterious bird is now recognized as an endangered species.

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Ongerup/Needilup District Museum

Constructed in 1918 as railway barracks, the building became obsolete when the railway service was suspended in 1957. It now houses the Ongerup/Needilup District Museum. It has been set up to reflect the early settlers’ lifestyle, with the primitive machinery they relied upon as well as household appliances and a natural heritage display. The museum also has an Aboriginal and early settler food and medicine display as well as a replica malleefowl mound.

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Ongerup Wildflower Display

A must for wildflower lovers! The annual botanical event is held during late September and early October at the Ongerup/Needilup District Museum. View 400 to 500 specimens of stunning local wildflowers and orchids. Photographers are welcome.

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Curlew Creek Bed and Breakfast
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Ongerup Duplex
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Ongerup Caravan Park
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Ongerup Hotel
(08) 9828 2001 or 0408 908 311 


Ongerup Hotel
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Ongerup Roadhouse
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0447 466078 

Yongergnow Café
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(08) 9828 2325

Visitor Information

Yongergnow Centre & CRC
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Shire of Gnowangerup
Yougenup Road
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